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Pose Sale

May 2, 2009

For the weekend and maybe a bit longer my poses will be on sale in the Popfuzz sim.

Sets and individual poses are all on sale!

Individual poses were $50 — now they’re $30 each

Sets have been greatly reduced as well ❤

This sale is only taking place in my main location – Popfuzz Main Store, popfuzz sim

Pose Sale @ Popfuzz

Pose Sale @ Popfuzz

Pose Sale @ Popfuzz

Pose Sale @ Popfuzz

Click here to Teleport

(previous purchases are not subject to this sale)

Thank you!!

Hazel Coppens ❤

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$100 Skin Sale Ends Tonight

October 9, 2008

Hello All,

Just a quick notice that skins will go back to normal prices at 12 midnight SLT tonight.

So bring your friends to get some glamourous skins at a great price!

Skins are copy only.

Located in PopFuzz Sim:



Free Glamour Skins @ PopFuzz

October 5, 2008

Hey All,
I put out three of my new Glamour skins for $1 each! woot! plus the rest are on sale for $100 each that’s right $100  Come get some and look glamourous.  Please tell all your friends and bring them along.

9 tones, 24 make-ups, as well as dark and light brows, a cleavage add-on and sandal toe manicures.

Located in PopFuzz Sim:

Burning Life 2008, BERN baby BERN

September 29, 2008

Just a quick post letting you all know that Burning Life opened and there are some interesting things to check out. Specifically the build done by my good friend Indigo Lucerne in the Burning Life (Meta) sim. Burning Life (Meta)/80/58/24/)

Here is an excerpt from the notecard available from the exhibit titled “Schwarzschild Metric” (BERN):

“A humourous (perhaps vaguely disturbing) turn of events related to an experiment that raises eyebrows with some. By manipulating the fundamental forces of the universe, we hope to learn more about its origins and whether the generally accepted laws of physics are correct.”

I encourage everyone to take a trip to the many Burning Life sims featuring art, science and expressions of every sort.

Burning life is open from now through October 5th.

Happy Exploring!

Relay For Life outfit

March 19, 2008

Hey Everyone,

I just moded my last release for the Clothing fair. 100% of the sales from this outfit will b donated.

Make sure you come and get it at the fair.



400+ items on sale $25 or less + Skins

February 10, 2008

Hey Everyone,
PopFuzz is having a sale over 400+ items marked down to $25 or less.

Also I finally released the 615 skins.

Come check it out

Hope to see you here

Ziggy Quirk speaks out on content theft

February 3, 2008

Ziggy quirk has posted a video on you tube which sums up my feelings very well, please watch it. Its a very touching important video.

also a reminder if you have not voted yet pelase vote for the jira

Stop The Theft

February 2, 2008

the popfuzz sim is closed, while I help fight the theft rampant all over sl. If you want to help please please join the protest going on now to shut down the stores that have stolen skins and items.

Please vote on this Jira



$5000 PopFuzz Shopping Spree

December 1, 2007

For today only I am selling $5000 PopFuzz Gift Cards for only $1000 thats right 80% off

Im me in game if you want to purchase a card 🙂

Huge Mega Sale at PopFuzz

November 23, 2007

Happy Turkey Day Everyone, I am having a one day mega sale everything in the store is priced $100 or less. Thats right over 1000 items all priced for $100 or less. Sale last till 11:59 PM SL Time Friday November 23rd.

Come by, tell your friends and have a blast shopping.