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A PopFuzz Mashup

October 5, 2007

So today I was in my shop (Thinking about what to make next) and my friend Lulee Babenco (AKA one of my Lovely models) came up to me wearing a mashup of a few of my items and I just had to take a picture and blog about it.

She is wearing my new scripted cape in black, my shiny black tube top and hot pants set and a pair of my black shine shoes. I think its Hot Hot Hot. Perfect for SL ready for Roleplay from behind and looking smoking hot from the front.

Look for new releases later today

Customizing Fun!!!!!!!!!

September 20, 2007

Hey Everyone,

So a few hours ago I posted my update blog, just the normal hey here is a ton of pics boring affair. (OMG my update blogs are boring). So because of the blog I had a few people im me saying they wanted to check out the tattoos.
So one of the nice women to teleported to the shop (Meryet Amat) came to check out some of the Egyptian tattoos and she saw my tats and thought they were great. So we got to talking some and I said if there was any images I did not have that she wanted I could make it up quick and add it to my selection. Well she asked me if I could do a custom that would not be something I sold normally and I said sure. Well she is a Alumni and huge fan of the University of Utah. So I made her up a tattoo to show her love for her school and before you know it we were making her a complete outfit even matching stilettos LOL it was a ton of fun.

I love doing custom work, its so much fun 🙂

PopFuzz Customer Of The Week 7-8-07 to 7-15-07

July 18, 2007

Well if you know me, you know I love my customers (heck I probably give away more then I sell) So I thought how can I reward them in my new blog. Thats when I decided to start a weekly celebration of my top customer each week.

As the customer of the week you win several things.

1) I will post a picture of you wearing some of the things you purchased (I love to see all you great avs in my clothing)

2) Help me decided on a new design

3) You get to model that design for me and you get it for free of course.

4) I am still deciding what other fun cookies I can give you lol

So who is my customer of the week for last week.


The Winner is Sarah Raymaker.
It was a close race she beat out the runner up by $100 she is so glad she decided to buy those matching accessories.

Here is Sarah wearing my Sailor Girl 1 Dress isn’t she cute.

Until Next Time