Indulgence Skins – Sparkle Makeup

You’ve had a sneak peak with the group gift and now you get your first look at the new line of Indulgence Skins. Just released is the first makeup set of many: The Sparkle Makeups

9 tones Luscious eyeshadows and pretty lips. Dark and light brows.

All makeup packs come with the very sexy popfuzz cleavage.

Teleport to Popfuzz here

Skin and eyes by Popfuzz
Clothes by Popfuzz
Hair by Here Comes Trouble – HCT
Lashes by Panjen
Shoes by Panjen

P.S.  If you haven’t already, come by PopFuzz to pick up the Indulgence skin group gift.  Just click the group gift board to receive them.
The original Popfuzz group was made into a land owners group and this new mailing list was formed in its place.  All original group members were added to this new mailing list. 🙂

Teleport here

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