PopFuzz New Release & New Group & Group Gift!!

New release and group gift from Popfuzz

Nadia Dress – 13 colors – It’s a tight fitted front zippered dress with a sculpty collar and sleeves.
The 13 dress Poppy Pack is over 80% discounted off the individual price.
You can get all 13 colors at a sweet deal of a price.




Also while you’re here you can subscribe to the NEW Popfuzz group.
There’s group board set up in the front of the shop. Just click subscribe.
Once you’re subscribed you can click the group gift board next to it.

The new group does not take up a group slot.
Joining will keep you up to date on the new Popfuzz releases and also let you know when you can come pick up some fantastic group gifts.
The current group gift is a set of nine of the soon to be released Indulgence Skins.

Popfuzz New Release & Group Gift

Popfuzz New Release & Group Gift

You get all skin tones, ranging from super pale to dark chocolate. And for each tone you get four skins, light and dark brows, cleavage or no cleavage.
Teleport by clicking here!
Thank you!


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