Hellooooo Nurse!

New release from PopFuzz – Sexy Nurse

Hellooooo Nurse!

This outfit comes with:
Sculpted nurse hat
Fitted zippered nurse dress with sculpted collar and sleeves

You also get several matching lace lingerie sets in all red, all white and the red & white combo.
You get a lace bra, panties, garter belt and stockings.
These items can be mixed and matched to get the look you like.

Is that all you get?…nope, you also get a specially made skin.
The pale skin has gorgeous red lips and darkly lined eyes.
4 options to wear here as well, light or dark brows and with or without the cleavage. (raWr!)
This skin is a preview of the PopFuzz Indulgence line of skins that will be coming out soon!

As always the clothing is made on several layers for easy wear.
Clothing is copy only. Prims are copy/mod.

TELEPORT HERE to purchase the Sexy Nurse Outfit

Hellooooo Nurse!


One Response to “Hellooooo Nurse!”

  1. Dickies Says:

    It’s always good to find like-minded people. Thanx and I’m going to add you to my RSS feed.

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