PopFuzz New Resident Gifts + Flickr

Now @ PopFuzz
20 gifts for new residents of secondlife who are 30 days or younger.

skins in several tones
neko skin
manicure/pedicure set
tank top

PopFuzz New Resident Gifts + Flickr

You only need to be 30 days old or younger, just come and click the sign to get them all.
Please pass this info along to any new people you know

There will be a very nice group gift in the coming week so no one is excluded. Gifts for everyone! 🙂


Also there is a brand spanking new PopFuzz Flickr group!


You can post pics of yourself and your friends wearing PopFuzz skins, clothing, tattoo etc.

From time to time we will give out free gifts to people who post really nice pics.

Thank you !!

❤ PopFuzz Bamboo


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One Response to “PopFuzz New Resident Gifts + Flickr”

  1. Hampers Says:

    Enjoyed going through your blog. Everything looks perfect. Keep it up the good work. Happy Blogging.

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