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Ruffle Dress

September 29, 2008

Todays release is a Ruffle Dress.
It comes in 19 colors.

If you buy more than one dress or if you buy the fatpack you get mix and match color tops.
So you could wear a red top with the black bottom etc.
Each dress comes with a pair of black stockings.

Yesterday was my 2 year rez day so I gave away the Lilac Ruffle Dress as a PopFuzz group gift.

Clothing layers are copy only. Prims are copy/mod.

Located in PopFuzz Sim:



Burning Life 2008, BERN baby BERN

September 29, 2008

Just a quick post letting you all know that Burning Life opened and there are some interesting things to check out. Specifically the build done by my good friend Indigo Lucerne in the Burning Life (Meta) sim. Burning Life (Meta)/80/58/24/)

Here is an excerpt from the notecard available from the exhibit titled “Schwarzschild Metric” (BERN):

“A humourous (perhaps vaguely disturbing) turn of events related to an experiment that raises eyebrows with some. By manipulating the fundamental forces of the universe, we hope to learn more about its origins and whether the generally accepted laws of physics are correct.”

I encourage everyone to take a trip to the many Burning Life sims featuring art, science and expressions of every sort.

Burning life is open from now through October 5th.

Happy Exploring!

Strapless Bra & Thong Panty Sets

September 27, 2008

New Bra and panty sets out today.

Each set comes with a strapless bra, thong panty and a bra with straps.

13 colors available.

Clothing layers are copy only.

Located in PopFuzz Sim: