PopFuzz Mashup 7-14-08


Ok so if you don’t know I love purple, I have may outfits mashups saved in my inventory of just purple clothing hehe.  So I figured I may just share with you my purple obsession everytime I make a new look. Luckily I don’t put together a new look too often lol.  Oh and if you don’t like purple I am so sorry heheheh

Hair: Mackenzie – Violet-tipped Midnight by CALICO INGMANN CREATIONS

Love this hair its so much fun.

Jacket: Cupcakes- Poofy Jacket-Purple by Mimi Coral (<3 Cupcakes)
Mimi’s hand painted textures are so much fun, this jacket is delicious (Its what got this outfit started lol)

Lacy Edge Peaking Out From Under The Jacket – Purple Lace Trim Satin Panel Bustier by ME

MIcro MIni Skirt – Ms. Sasy dress – Purple by Rosemary Galbraith (Rosmar) and Me

Shoes: ChiChi Velvet Cherry Blossom by Maitreya

These are my favorite sl shoes right now, they fit my feet flawlessly and have a really cute shape to them

SKIN – popFuzz Skin Pale – ❤ Cupcakes-Golden Cat Eyes 2 by Mimi Coral (<3 Cupcakes) and Me

Eyes – Gurl 6 Eyes – Blue by ME

Ok so I am wearing alot of my own stuff lol, but of course I am because I make stuff I want to wear.  But it also means I find the other items I am wearing very special because I normally do not wear much other then my own creations (Mostly because I am wearing a half finished one at any given time lol, just call it franken fashions)

Thank you to all the artist out there in SL you make it beautiful 🙂


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