New Skins at PopFuzz and Heart Cupcakes

Hello all,

The New PopFuzz – ❤ Cupcakes Skins are now for sale!

15 different shades to choose from with lots of different make-ups.
5 new make-ups also added to the original pale set.
Super pale, pale, medium, tan, dark tan, bronze, dark bronze, chocolate, dark chocolate, blue fairy, purple fairy, and 2 drow skins.

Please come by to check them out. Located in-world @


5 Responses to “New Skins at PopFuzz and Heart Cupcakes”

  1. Marni Grut Says:

    love the skin poppy!, ill be over to get the super pale on sharpish 😀

    you two make a crack team ❤

  2. popfuzz Says:

    aww thank you I love making skins with mimi

  3. Arianna Psaltery Says:

    ooo these look marvelous 🙂

  4. popfuzz Says:

    thank you thank you 🙂

  5. Keira Says:

    Omgyay! Super pale here I come!

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