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Dress 1.0

April 20, 2008

It’s hand-painted, short and sexy..introducing Dress 1.0 !

Comes in 10 shimmery colors…buy one or buy them all in a fat pack.

Thank you for come shop 🙂

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Skirtini Bikinis…oh my!

April 14, 2008

Hey all,
New release at PopFuzz: Skirtini Bikinis!!

Hand-drawn bikini with a cute tiny prim skirt. Fun and flirty!

Just in time for the warm weather.

6 luscious colors! (red, purple, teal, green, blue and black)
$200 L individually, $600 L for the fat pack.

I have attached pics of them.

shop in-world located at: [url][/url]

Thank you!

$100 L SALE @ PopFuzz

April 8, 2008

Hey all,
There’s a big sale going on at PopFuzz right now.

All clothes and shoes are $100 L or less in my main store location.

Don’t forget about the discount basement as well. Lots of items there priced at $25 L or less.
The discount basement has a selection from other designers as well. 🙂

Come join us:

  • Thank you!

    New Skins at PopFuzz and Heart Cupcakes

    April 1, 2008

    Hello all,

    The New PopFuzz – ❤ Cupcakes Skins are now for sale!

    15 different shades to choose from with lots of different make-ups.
    5 new make-ups also added to the original pale set.
    Super pale, pale, medium, tan, dark tan, bronze, dark bronze, chocolate, dark chocolate, blue fairy, purple fairy, and 2 drow skins.

    Please come by to check them out. Located in-world @