Stop The Theft

the popfuzz sim is closed, while I help fight the theft rampant all over sl. If you want to help please please join the protest going on now to shut down the stores that have stolen skins and items.

Please vote on this Jira




5 Responses to “Stop The Theft”

  1. pk emmons Says:

    i fully support you. i just did a post on my blog concerning this issue. i hope it will reach as many people as possible.

  2. Concerning Piracy « Fashion Consolidated Says:

    […] all over the blogosphere and several designers have already decided to withdraw their lines or close shop in protest. Details in the above links to some action being taken to aid awareness of this – if you […]

  3. trixiebumbo Says:

    I voted…and support you completely. This thievery has to stop.

  4. popfuzz Says:

    thank you so much for the support every designer in sl appreciates it

  5. pk emmons Says:

    you can join the PROTEST AGAINST CONTENT THEFT group.

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