Lame Shopping Center Grand Reopening and Sidewalk Sale!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone,
Its been a crazy few weeks for me. I took over the Lame Designs shopping center a few weeks ago and moved it to one of my sims and have been rebuilding since. I am tired, but I really enjoyed building the cute little shops located at lame ( ok I only built some of them hehe). Many of the designers built their own shop for the center and they are just as fun.

As a special for the grand reopening many of the vendors have set out items at a special low price for this weekend only. In fact some including myself specially made an item to put into the grand re-opening sidewalk sale.

I made a set of 9 striped sparkle long sleeve shirts that will be available at lame for $25 each this weekend only (After Monday they will go into my main store at full price).

Pics of the shirts

Pics of some of the stores I built (Also I will list the specials they put out for the sidewalk sale)
My shop (See all the sale boxes out front, all those items are on sale $99 or less)

Fantasies, INK (All her items are on sale today through monday $99 or less)

Royal Blue

Overdose (lots of cute clothing items at really cheap prices Some even $1)

Kid Asia (3 shirts for the price of one special)


Also check out all the other great vendors in the Sim, there is lots shopping and many bargains on great designs to be had.

Heres a list of who has a shop here
Ame True Design House
Neko Gear / Nekopia (several of their fat packs at 50% off)
Eolande’s Hair Accessories
❤ Cupcakes
Doll City Jewelry
Periquita Shoes (Omg $49 sculpty hi heels in the sidewalk sale)
Kimberly Casanova Designs
*ICING* (She made the cutest dress for the sidewalk sale only $75 plus shes retiring 3 other dresses that are for sale for $75 goe forever monday)
Eat Me ($15 eyes ad cat and dog gestures)
Darkstar Designs (Very cool boots boots only $40)
Sh*t Happens (Free cute dress and several cute items for $10)
Woo’s (She put out some of her favorite bangels 50% off)
Studio Sidhe
Freak Boutique (Full outfits at discounted prices)
Panjen (She made a cute set of 6 Lame t-shirts for only $6)
Big Boob Boutique

Look for more goodies to be put out through the weekend.


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