A PopFuzz Mashup

So today I was in my shop (Thinking about what to make next) and my friend Lulee Babenco (AKA one of my Lovely models) came up to me wearing a mashup of a few of my items and I just had to take a picture and blog about it.

She is wearing my new scripted cape in black, my shiny black tube top and hot pants set and a pair of my black shine shoes. I think its Hot Hot Hot. Perfect for SL ready for Roleplay from behind and looking smoking hot from the front.

Look for new releases later today


3 Responses to “A PopFuzz Mashup”

  1. carissacrimson Says:

    are you serious? I’m sorry for being a bit outspoken…but this is fashion?

  2. popfuzz Says:

    for me yes I love odd and weird lol open an issue of vogue see how many models are dressed in odd things from armor to space suits. Fashion is about pushing the edge of things to make you think why we wear what we wear. By questioning it you are doing exactly what should be done.

  3. Tenshi Vielle Says:

    It amazes me how fashion is all about pushing the envelope, pushing comfort zones, and yet in SL where we have the most freedom we duplicate ourselves.

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