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Lots new at PopFuzz

October 16, 2007

Hey Everyone,
Its been a crazy couple of weeks for me doing a ton of things.
Ive opened two themed malls in the Fuzzy sim (Just East of the PopFuzz Sim)

Shoetopia located here
is a mall focused just on footwear, im still looking for more shoe vendors to fill in the empty spots but theres 100s of shoes already available for sale.

The Cat’s Pajamas located here
is a mall focused on Cat and Neko clothing, parts and gear. Its a great place to fine multiple vendors of Neko stuff all in one place. I am still looking for a few more Neko vendors here as well.

Now for the new releases:

Sparkle Gown in 10 colors:

Flirty Flirt now in 8 colors:

Lacy Corset now in Black And White

Goddess Toga:

Ankle Socks:


thats it for now 🙂

A PopFuzz Mashup

October 5, 2007

So today I was in my shop (Thinking about what to make next) and my friend Lulee Babenco (AKA one of my Lovely models) came up to me wearing a mashup of a few of my items and I just had to take a picture and blog about it.

She is wearing my new scripted cape in black, my shiny black tube top and hot pants set and a pair of my black shine shoes. I think its Hot Hot Hot. Perfect for SL ready for Roleplay from behind and looking smoking hot from the front.

Look for new releases later today

Witches Brew – A Spooky Cauldron comes to PopFuzz & Panjen

October 2, 2007

Ok this Cauldron is way too neat and the perfect thing to set up for Halloween. My friend Pandora Jensen (Panjen) has been working on this for the past week and it turned out really cool. I loved it so much I had to help her by making an animation for it so you can actually stir the brew. The neatest thing about it is it comes with 3 ingredients the lets you add things to the brew (Which change the color of the brew and rezes the ingredients). It also has a set of matches if you want to light the fire underneath it and a bucket of water to put the fire out.

Its available for sale in my shop

or in Pandora’s shop in Absence

Heres a picture of me playing with the cauldron. I pulled out a cute Witch outfit that Simone made last Halloween, and got to doing some sexy Witching with the Cauldron.