Tons Of Recent Releases

Wow its been a little while since I posted and well i have released a ton of stuff so I wanted to blog about all the items I have released since the lost post.

Ok I will post pics in order of release (newest to oldest).

Stars Skirt and Tank Top sets

Gold Tassel Pasties

White Pleated Party Dress

Strappy Sports Bras and Lycra Shorts

Grey Crop Top Hoodie

My Friend Six Kennedy asked me months ago to make a set of Eyes to place in her shop’s body section. I spent along time playing with these but when I finished I had a beautiful set of eyes I just love.
These are exclusively available at Gurl 6 in the GuRLyWood sim

And Finally I release a set of over 100 Tattoos that are all designed for women.

Look for lots more soon.

2 Responses to “Tons Of Recent Releases”

  1. Marni Grut Says:

    DUDE you need to stop being this good! i nearly broke the shopping abstinace rule (see the blog)

    i had to unplug my mouse and tp out using hotkeys……….

    Love you and your stuff as ever


  2. popfuzz Says:

    OMG I am so sorry my new releases are so sexy you almost broke your shopping chastity.

    But I just cant help it, I crave to make new things I cant stop I am addicted to design.

    Maybe if you give me a back rub ill hand you something so you don’t need to spend lindens lol

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