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Its my Rez Day – Free dress and tons of releases

September 28, 2007

Well its my rez day so to celebrate I am giving out a free dress (today only goes on sale at full price at midnight)

In case You guys need it heres a link to the shop

Heres a pic of the free dress

I also released a ton today

I released some super hot and sexy shiney hot pants, tube top and skirt sets.

Ok now I made some really neat animated scripted capes. Click the hood and watch as you put the hood up or pull it down.
Available in both male and female shapes.

Female Capes

Male Capes

Next I recolored the gem stilettos to 11 colors now

And finally I made a set of 11 Star Stilettos to match my outfit from last week.

Thats it for now 🙂
Hope to see you it the shop

Customizing Fun!!!!!!!!!

September 20, 2007

Hey Everyone,

So a few hours ago I posted my update blog, just the normal hey here is a ton of pics boring affair. (OMG my update blogs are boring). So because of the blog I had a few people im me saying they wanted to check out the tattoos.
So one of the nice women to teleported to the shop (Meryet Amat) came to check out some of the Egyptian tattoos and she saw my tats and thought they were great. So we got to talking some and I said if there was any images I did not have that she wanted I could make it up quick and add it to my selection. Well she asked me if I could do a custom that would not be something I sold normally and I said sure. Well she is a Alumni and huge fan of the University of Utah. So I made her up a tattoo to show her love for her school and before you know it we were making her a complete outfit even matching stilettos LOL it was a ton of fun.

I love doing custom work, its so much fun 🙂

Tons Of Recent Releases

September 19, 2007

Wow its been a little while since I posted and well i have released a ton of stuff so I wanted to blog about all the items I have released since the lost post.

Ok I will post pics in order of release (newest to oldest).

Stars Skirt and Tank Top sets

Gold Tassel Pasties

White Pleated Party Dress

Strappy Sports Bras and Lycra Shorts

Grey Crop Top Hoodie

My Friend Six Kennedy asked me months ago to make a set of Eyes to place in her shop’s body section. I spent along time playing with these but when I finished I had a beautiful set of eyes I just love.
These are exclusively available at Gurl 6 in the GuRLyWood sim

And Finally I release a set of over 100 Tattoos that are all designed for women.

Look for lots more soon.

Moon Boots come to PopFuzz

September 3, 2007

Hey Everyone,

Another Cheeto PopFuzz corroboration has resulted in 15 fun Moon Boots to play in the snow with. (These are unisex can be stretched to fit man legs) Available at PopFuzz

On another note I have been asking this a lot lately, what would you all like to see be made that you have not been able to locate?

Oh and heres the pics

Hope to hear from you all