Colorful Cute Crop Top Hoodies

Hehe ill be brief on this one, I am working on a ton of things right now so I just got to get the released and out of my studio so I have room for the other creations so here goes.

New Releases at PopFuzz

10 Colorful Cute Crop Top Hoodies and one even more colorful Tight Mini Skirt and Tube Top outfit and Matching stilettos.


8 Responses to “Colorful Cute Crop Top Hoodies”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Those hoodies are so adorable, I’m going to get one in each color. Please tell me that you sell the pants as well. Thank you! –Heidi

  2. Tenshi Says:

    AUUUGGGHHH!!!! *cute overload*

  3. popfuzz Says:

    Yes i have matching sweat pants and capris and tank tops in my shop hehe:)

  4. Kris Says:

    are these hoodies available? If so, how much are they?

  5. popfuzz Says:

    yes they are for sale in my shop and are $150 each 🙂

  6. Bertina Says:

    cute hoodie crop tops. how much are they? i’m looking for a specific color… the color of the football team new orleans saints gold color. do you have that? thanks

  7. GARETH Says:

    Where can i buy these?
    What country are they from?

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