Sexy Lace Corsets at PopFuzz

New Sexy Lacy Corsets at PopFuzz

11 Colors

This one was a challenge that I fully enjoyed. 3 Full Days of painting every small detail. And the results I just adore, I hope you guys do as well.

And here they are

Oh yeah one more thing these sets come with a black lacy thong. I thought that looked cute so I made a set of 8 more colors that you can buy in addition to the corsets.


6 Responses to “Sexy Lace Corsets at PopFuzz”

  1. Antimony Battery Says:

    Love, love, love, LOVE the corsets. Really want one, but can’t seem to locate them in your store. You need Google Earth up in this piece! Heh. Or maybe I’m just impatient. Where are these beauties located? 😉

  2. popfuzz Says:

    I have them located right in front of the new main shop, I should add a post about the shop hehe. You can get there by visiting this link

    I also have them listed now on

  3. Arianna Psaltery Says:

    Oh they’re STUNNING…I can’t wait to match it up with pants and skirt 😀

  4. Elusyve Jewell Says:

    I love the corset, I bought it in orange…two wee things…like the comment above, I found it really hard to find your stuff, and 2nd, I wish the corset top came in a couple of options for layer, other than just jacket. But I love and appreciate the work you put into it.

  5. popfuzz Says:

    Ah the corsets do now come with a under layer (On underpants and undershirt layer)

    I thought I had send that to everyone who purchased the corset. But if I missed you IM me in game and I will send you an update.

  6. elusvye jewell Says:

    Thanks for fixing this up for me…tis the bane of being orange *G*

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