Anime Poses by Hazel

30 New Adorable Anime Poses by Hazel Coppens now available for sale at the PopFuzz sim.


7 Responses to “Anime Poses by Hazel”

  1. Sakura Says:

    Hey this is so cool. i hope you don’t mind if i use this as material to pose my characters. If so it would really help me out so cool

  2. Mizuki Says:

    Yeah ditto! I’d love to be able to save these in my favourites and use them in my character profiles.
    Pwetty please with a cherry on top.

  3. Sora&Roxas Says:

    cool-not exactly what im lookin for but you can rock anime life usin those poses! LOL!-i can imagine…*smiles*

  4. Sora&Roxas Says:

    Great job HAZEL!!!!!(forgot congrats)!*clears throat)LMAO-hahaha!mustive put alot of effort into it!-*taps Hazel on shoulder while laughing*heheheneh…

  5. Sora&Roxas Says:

    1 last THING!-do you like to draw?-im gonna publish a manga real soon…i cant survive without paper or pencils…*cries*last time we ran out of blank paper and i tried to wait for more*sobs*

  6. hazelcoppens Says:

    YAY!!, thank you for the great comments 🙂 Of course you can use the poses for profiles, characters etc… 🙂

  7. milagros Says:

    muy buenas poses, me dio muchas ideas para hacer mis animes

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