PopFuzz enters the Bloggerspace Foray

I should be doing some rl work aka I really should be cleaning my house lol.

But instead I decided to start this blog and well I will keep it short, here are some pictures of my new stuff woot!

Oh and here is my slurl addess if you want to shop


For a complete set of outfit photos go to


Gothic Fairy In 14 Colors

Pawpadots in 10 colors

I hope for many more updates soon.




5 Responses to “PopFuzz enters the Bloggerspace Foray”

  1. Tanya Book Says:

    Yay! Another blog to add to my Google Reader.

  2. popfuzz Says:

    Yay for being my first Blog comment poster, Tanya Book wins a $2500 PopFuzz shopping Spree woot

  3. Bonehead Goalpost Says:

    Hey it’s nice to see new items on a website! As you know i love your designs… I’ll be visiting! Thanx!! *Boney

  4. popfuzz Says:

    Aww thanks for reading my blog Bonehead its always nice to see you around in the sim 🙂

  5. Claudine Jewell Says:

    awww great stuff like always….*waiting to get paid to spend some at your shop* loool

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