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PopFuzz Customer Of The Week 7-8-07 to 7-15-07

July 18, 2007

Well if you know me, you know I love my customers (heck I probably give away more then I sell) So I thought how can I reward them in my new blog. Thats when I decided to start a weekly celebration of my top customer each week.

As the customer of the week you win several things.

1) I will post a picture of you wearing some of the things you purchased (I love to see all you great avs in my clothing)

2) Help me decided on a new design

3) You get to model that design for me and you get it for free of course.

4) I am still deciding what other fun cookies I can give you lol

So who is my customer of the week for last week.


The Winner is Sarah Raymaker.
It was a close race she beat out the runner up by $100 she is so glad she decided to buy those matching accessories.

Here is Sarah wearing my Sailor Girl 1 Dress isn’t she cute.

Until Next Time

PopFuzz enters the Bloggerspace Foray

July 16, 2007

I should be doing some rl work aka I really should be cleaning my house lol.

But instead I decided to start this blog and well I will keep it short, here are some pictures of my new stuff woot!

Oh and here is my slurl addess if you want to shop

For a complete set of outfit photos go to

Gothic Fairy In 14 Colors

Pawpadots in 10 colors

I hope for many more updates soon.